Thoroughly enjoy winter in Kanagawa by taking advantage of the Kanagawa Prefecture Travel Campaign!

In an effort to help the recovery of tourism in areas stricken by Typhoon No. 19, a plan to give travelers to Kanagawa Prefecture a discount of up to 5000 yen per person per night for accommodation will be carried out.

Your journey will help revitalize Kanagawa.  By all means, please take this opportunity to enjoy the winter in Kanagawa!


What is the Kanagawa Prefecture Travel Campaign?

Discount Value

(per person per night)

* This promotion is not available for accommodation products for business purposes or for package tours.
* Discount is applicable for accommodation between Thursday, December 26, 2019 and Friday, February 28, 2020.
* For travelers living overseas, the maximum discount will be 50,000 yen per person per trip.

* For travelers living within Japan, the maximum discount will be 15,000 yen per person per trip.

How to Apply for the Kanagawa Prefecture Travel Campaign

Travel agencies

Online reservations

Direct reservation to inns and hotels


*For inns and hotels that are not

connected with travel agencies.

You can apply through online reservations

or direct contact with a travel agency!

Click here for a list of sales companies and launch dates for products, as well as inns and hotels participating in the "Kanagawa Prefecture Travel Campaign."


Kanagawa Prefecture will support your trip to Kanagawa with a travel discount!

Municipalities eligible for the Kanagawa Prefecture

Reconstruction Discount

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